Roofing Services

Without a well-built roof, your beautiful home is prone to leaks, drafts, and other unpleasant consequences. Wagner Metals, your residential roofing company, will help you extend the life of your home by installing a high-quality roof that will last against the elements. For over 10 years, we have been working with clients throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan to provide superior customer service and quality roofing and remodeling solutions.

We know that re-roofing your home, whether it is because of a storm or simply because it is time to update, can be a scary financial cost. That’s why we do our best to keep your costs low by proposing a solution such as roof repairs instead of a completely new roof – we want to fit your budget, or buy you time to save up for the roof you need.

Benefits of a New Roof

If you live in an older home, chances are your roof is costing you money. Older roofs that may have holes, patches, drafts, or leaks are not operating at maximum energy efficiency; repairing or replacing your roof may save you money on your heating and air conditioning bill.

A new roof is also a great home improvement project in itself; with an average return on investment of approximately 70%, it practically pays for itself in the event you choose to sell your home. It increases both your property value and your curb appeal – you will have the best-looking home on the block!

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Choosing to install a new roof can also reduce your overall stress level. New roofs are often more durable, more cost-efficient, and made of better materials than a roof installed in the ‘60s or ‘70s. By upgrading your roof, you are ensuring your family’s health and safety by preventing mold and mildew that can be caused by tiny leaks in an older roof.

No matter what your reason for choosing to update your roof, you can take comfort in knowing that we will work with you to make sure you get the best roof to suit your needs, your budget, and your timeframe. We stand behind our work, and will install a roof that will survive the harsh Midwestern weather for years to come.

Why Choose Wagner Metals?

There are a variety of roofing companies you could choose from – why pick us? Well, we believe that our experience and dedication to customer service speaks for itself. Our owner has been working with roofs since he was 15 years old, and that same passion is reflected throughout his entire team.

Wroofing-contractor-napoleon-ohe provide you with more than just a new roof. We provide you with a complete experience:

  • Education: We educate our clients on how to get the most out of their buildings and homes, and back up all our work with a full-quality guarantee.
  • First-class Service: We are always available to answer any questions you may have about the work we are doing, because we want to make sure you are completely satisfied
  • Budget-conscious: We excel at helping you get the maximum life out of your buildings and residences, and offer you cost-effective solutions for upgrading your roof and other existing structures instead of replacing them entirely. We often remodel older buildings and add years to the use of those roofs with repairs and high-quality coatings.
  • Professionalism: When we set a work schedule, we stick to it. We believe in completing jobs on time to avoid inconveniencing you, and we leave the jobsite in the same condition we found it – or better.

When you are looking for a residential roofing contractor to help you with a roofing repair or replacement, you want the best. After all, your roof is vital to the safety and security of the rest of your home; a poorly installed roof could cause water damage to your interior, and be more costly to deal with in the long run than a high-quality roof installation would be up front.

Whether you know you need a new roof or are just looking into your roofing repair and replacement options, contact Wagner Metals today. Regardless of your price range or project size, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality roofing services. We’ll gladly answer your questions and schedule a consultation to go more in-depth, to make sure that we are covering all the bases and fully addressing your needs.

Plus, in addition to roofing, we handle a variety of other projects – we can help you with home additions, siding, windows, decks, garages, and even commercial and agricultural construction services. So call us today – let’s see what we can do for you to turn your property into one you have always dreamed of!


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